Hand-On-The-Door Questions

Hand on the Door Questions

I refer to them as the "hand-on-the-door" questions. They go something like this: One of my patients will come in for her annual visit.  After the exam we chat about her irregular periods, the occasional hot flash and her daughter’s new boyfriend. Finally, I ask, “Is there anything else you’d like to discuss?” “No,” she'll say assuredly."  “Ok, see you next year.”  Then, just as I'm about to leave the room, my patient blurts out a question– Do you think that bump on my labia might be herpes? How do you know I don’t have ovarian cancer?  Does my vagina smell? Her “hand-on-the-door” question is typically the most important one she'll ask during her appointment and is probably the reason she came to see me in the first place.