48 Hours of All About Addyi

Just returned from New York where I spent 2 crazy days doing interviews to discuss the FDA approval of Addyi, the first medication for the treatment of low libido in women. Arrived at midnight on Monday and got up at the crack of dawn to get some badly needed professional help with my makeup. Started the day  with a piece for NBC Nightly News  (taped for 1 hour and they used one sentence- oh well) and then raced over to ABC to appear by satellite with Christine Tressel for  ABC News in Chicago.  Dashed  over to Fox News to tape for affiliate stations all over the country.  I was in Duane Reade buying an extra large bottle of Visine when I got a call  to go back to ABC to tape a piece to air the next morning   for Good Morning America . This was the point that I was really glad I had my Tieks foldable flats in my bag. The official announcement was finally made late Tuesday evening thatthe FDA said  "Yes!" and within minutes a  New York Times piece  I was interviewed for was posted. Not to be outdone by the New York Times, I immediately  posted my piece on Everyday Health.  (Yes, I wroteit in advance, "just in case") . The BBC asked me to appear on their show, but I had to decline since I had no access to Skype (theirNY studio was closed for the night) and I was already settled in with a friend sipping a crisp rose.

 Wednesday my e-mail was going crazy (an assistant, car, driver and personal stylist would have been nice) , but the good news was that the false eyelashes that my fabulous NY makeup artist had applied the day before, were still intact. (Thanks Tovah!)  Of course,  the first order of business was to get on the phone to  do an interview with Andrea Darlas and Steve Cochran for WGN radio. Took a break  and had lunch with Marlaine Selip, the former Executive Producer of Windy City Live, who now lives in New York. She told me I was doing OK, but that my bangs were messy on Good Morning America. Moments later I got a text from  Cindy Petrasso, also formerly of Windy City Live, who informed me my bangs were messy on GMA. Thanks guys. Now I know what is important. Fixed my bangs and went over to the Affiliated Press to tape a segment  for national distribution.

The best part of the day  (other than shopping the sale rack  at Bergdorf's) was  CNN where I did an interview with the fabulous Richard Quest... officially the man I would most like to be seated next to during a dinner party! Had a blast with him. Love, love, love  his voice. On the way to the airport did interviews with a few magazines. Hit the American lounge where they have private telephone booths (who knew?), the best yogurt covered pretzels and had an on air chat with  my friends Roe Conn and Anna Davlantes for WGN. Hope the crunching wasn't too obvious. Finally made it home where I waited in line for 30 minutes at O'Hare to get a taxi. So hungry I bought an airport turkey sandwich. (Desperate people do desperate things) Explained to the taxi driver that this was a great day for women because they would now want to have sex. He drove me home very fast .