Inside Information Events

 Live interactive events in which women (and sometimes men!) come together to laugh, learn and talk about health and wellness

                       "I laughed so hard I peed my pants and Dr. Streicher told me how to fix that too!"

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                                         Upcoming Events

SexAbility: A View from My Side of the Stirrups

Taboo Topics: Let’s Talk

Sex after Heart Attack: How to Make Sure that You Come and Don’t Go

Nothing’s Happening :How normal sexual response can morph into NO sexual response

Dr. Streicher Talks About Sex- Everybody Come!

Slip Sliding Away: Turn Sandpaper Sex into Slippery Sex

Kegels with a Kick: No More Laughing with Your Legs Crossed    

Lost YourMojo? Find Your Mojo!

 I’d Like to Buy A Vowel : The Key to Getting the Big O Back

Best Sex After Breast Cancer 

Hormone Hell: Turn Back the Clock When your Estrogen Tank is On Empty

The Cold Truth About Hot Flashes: How to Put Out the Fire 

Dating Dangers :Have a Positive Sexual Experience Without Testing Positive.

Vaginal Vanity: Why Some Opt for an Upgrade

Sex Toys 101.......And Beyond