Intelligent, impassioned and disarmingly funny. Turns a conference hall into a living room.



Informative. Knowledgeable. Engaging. Dr. Streicher takes the complex and makes it knowable, with humor, and without dumbing it down.



Dr. Streicher has the reference level of an expert, and the skill of a conductor.



Part Brainiac, part stand-up, having Dr. Streicher on a panel is like watching Hollywood Squares! I’ll take Dr. Streicher, for the win!

Known for her command of the facts and her love of an audience, Dr. Lauren Streicher is one of the most engaging public speakers, today.  With a broad range of knowledge from public health to taboo topics, Dr. Streicher blends solid science, informed perspective and good humor to deliver talks that will inform, empower and impress your audience.



The History and Medical Use of Sex Toys

A fast paced hilarious, but informative romp through the history of sex toys concluding with what is available today, where to get them, what to do with them and how women can incorporate sex toys into their lives.The latest word on getting through menopause, with or without hormone

Inside Information: Secrets of your gynecologist

Would your gynecologist use hormones if she had breast cancer? Skip her annual mammogram? Use an IUD? Results of a groundbreaking study about what choices gynecologists make for themselves.

Dr. Streicher Talks About Sex- Everybody Come!

All age groups…everything women want and need to know to make their sex life better

Slip Sliding Away

Vaginal dryness destroys the sex life of over 50% of women after menopause. Here are solutions and news every woman can use.

You Go Girl- But Only When You Want to

Incontinence occurs in 30% of women Action steps to prevent, and eliminate incontinence including a new non-surgical solution that eliminates involuntary loss of urine.

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy: Fiction, Facts, and Oprah

After Dr. Streicher’s apperaance on the Oprah Winfrey Show, audiences loved to hear the “behind the scenes” facts about what bioidentical hormones are and what exactly happened on that show.

Managing Menopause

Hot flashes, vagina dryness, mood swings, loss of libido…this is a very special time! Here’s how to make life after menopause, the best time of your life!

Sex After Sixty

Women over 60 have very specific issues related to sex. Dryness, loss of libido, or lack of a functional partner—this talk covers it all!

Sexy Secrets

Who would know better than a gynecologist the secrets that make a sex life explode!

Taking the Hysteria Out of Hysterectomy

One third of women will lose their uterus. The author of “The Essential Guide to Hysterectomy” covers it all…alternatives, out patient hysterectomy, sex after hysterectomy…even plastic surgery at the time of hysterectomy.

Embarrassing Questions You are Dying to Ask your Gynecologist, but Would Rather Die than Ask

Audience members can submit written questions. The brave can just ask. Nothing is off limits!

Hormone Replacement Therapy-Heart Healthy? –What Smart Women need to know

ven savvy women find the information about hormones and their heart confusing. Since heart disease, not breast cancer, is the number one killer of women, this information is critical to every woman.

Vaginal Vanity

Throughout history women have done things to change enhance the appearance of their genitals. Here’s the low down on pubic hair removal, genital piercings and vaginal plastic surgery including the results of Dr. Streicher’s survey of over 2000 women.